A Polymer of Polemics!


Have you seen the gummy, cracked smiles, and heavy eyes of the children, flinging disease, carrying the sad sacks of science, pulling little red wagons full of misery through the gridlock of a systematic culture?  Have you seen their withering cocks combs bled to a pale pink, their little bones weaved into a polymer of blah, or heard their deranged chirrups and cheeps accompanied by the rattling of maracas filled with deciduous teeth?  

Moonions! Your streets do not snake but pull and push like netting, peopled by party animals, slinging their arms around a crutch they call “buddy”. These people are percolating in their amalgamam, bleeding one into the other, becoming indistinguishable, framing a circulatory system for lollygaggers corrupted by plagues of systemic negations! And though they claim to apologize for being “the first one’s at the party,” their insincere concern cannot mask that in the first instance its your Holy Hosts that people the pad!  It’s just common sense!

Breathe easy, babies! It’s spring time in some hemispheres and the trees are blooming like the insides of your lungs.  Music from the Moon will give you the pulmonary pick-up your soft tissues need!

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