A King is Born in Three Part Harmony

Moonshiners! The Three Headed Beast is serving up a holiday feast at your behest! Forget the paltry snacks served up by every Tom and hairy dick: two mates in a state of dry, choleric humour are bad for the corporation. An unhealthy and unnatural lifestyle delights in the corruption of the temple. But, on the third day of the labour cycle, The Holy Trinity of Radio Legends decidedly constructs an entirely new and improved structure better suited to misguided celebrity worship! Every Wednesday, MFTM mops the poop deck and dumps the mop bucket into a punch bowl that overfloweth with pleasing - the reason for the season.

Rejoice, it is time. A new world is born.



What a state were in, my belles and sea-bastards.  What a peculiar congregation of colleagues, dressed down for a taste-testing two step, a mix and match, billion-dollar, block-bustin’ bash in celebration of the banal blend of a familiar, filmic fandango, an electoral collage of concentrated camps! But these derelict divisions of moribund mandates are in principal difficult to wall up and fortify for the fund-raising fornicators of Friends with Enemies convene to part the party into two distinct sects of seers, but the blind and bleating, goat-herding heretics refuse to hear the loud lament and lambastes of the little sheep seeking shelter in the radical happenings of the radio rebellion!

Moonshiners! Moonions! Be not afraid!  Hark! The Herald trounces the troops that thunder “Donald Trump le Monde!”  Let they who pass the first stones announce the glorious achievement of the South-West Passage! Granted, the storm shelters the cynical from the critical contraction of a commerce centered culture that corrals the craven and the cretinous into positions of power, forcing them to sit in high-chairs while they feast on the living flesh of the ends-meat who, strictly out of habit, hoist their table.

Whatever may be, it is once again Wednesday, and the Earth revolves around the Moon, that satellite of love, and home to the Holy Trinity of Radio!  Let them dog you into a confused and lengthy embrace that unfurls like an ancient perm!

Listen today on 101.5 UMFM or online at UMFM.com from 2-4 p.m. c.s.t.!


Hallowed Eves and Adams! You darling, dancing ribs and dirty claymations! Do not mask your misgivings over the miscarriage of our media frenzy!  Do not look so forlorn and forsook! This abandoned arena of required reading was not aborted. No, it went absolutely viral. However, to purge the virus Moon Minions #86-342, and Media Medical Professionals #72-80 had to execute a delicate exorcism by prescribing a period of purgatory, an induced communicative coma, if you will. A monstrous task of immeasurable consequence, while your media moguls, the Holy Trinity of Radio, patiently persevered, and held fast to their first love: Radio! The weekly airwave wizardry and whimsy has continued to command the admiration and respect of the Irrefutable Chancellor General of Earth Radio and Keeper of the Door to the Mother Transistor, Jared Michaels, who is personally responsible for the good health and maintenance of the Earth’s end of the Umbilical Cord of Radio, the direct feed that allows Harvey Carlisle, Ned Fillmore and Clancy Rocket to live stream every Wednesday on UMFM 101.5 from their Studio Moon.

The MFTM Social Media Attack has been resurrected on this day, Halloween, the day the Earth Humans dress up to please the Moonions who look down upon them. Blessed are those who give candy to these cancerous critters!

Clancy Rocket is missing once again. But, fear not Moonshiners, Harvey Carlisle and Ned Fillmore have replaced the smallest third of the Moon with not one, but two special guests!

Gloria Luna! Listen to the Holy Trinity of Radio live every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m. C.S.T on 101.5 UMFM or to their podcasts at UMFM.com!

For you our dear listeners, for you! #lunch #nedfillmore #musicfromthemoon #pie

For you our dear listeners, for you! #lunch #nedfillmore #musicfromthemoon #pie

A Polymer of Polemics!


Have you seen the gummy, cracked smiles, and heavy eyes of the children, flinging disease, carrying the sad sacks of science, pulling little red wagons full of misery through the gridlock of a systematic culture?  Have you seen their withering cocks combs bled to a pale pink, their little bones weaved into a polymer of blah, or heard their deranged chirrups and cheeps accompanied by the rattling of maracas filled with deciduous teeth?  

Moonions! Your streets do not snake but pull and push like netting, peopled by party animals, slinging their arms around a crutch they call “buddy”. These people are percolating in their amalgamam, bleeding one into the other, becoming indistinguishable, framing a circulatory system for lollygaggers corrupted by plagues of systemic negations! And though they claim to apologize for being “the first one’s at the party,” their insincere concern cannot mask that in the first instance its your Holy Hosts that people the pad!  It’s just common sense!

Breathe easy, babies! It’s spring time in some hemispheres and the trees are blooming like the insides of your lungs.  Music from the Moon will give you the pulmonary pick-up your soft tissues need!

Join your hosts Harvey Carlisle, Ned Fillmore and Clancy Rocket today at 2 p.m. c.s.t. on 101.5 UMFM or UMFM.com.

Holy Mackerel!


Podcast: http://www.umfm.com/programming/podcasts/340/ 

Radio Pack Animals


There was a time when the Sun did not scrawl its name on the back of your necks. The beads of sweat were the petals of immanence, your becomings refused codification and the script of a spectrum.  There are orange people around you, crushed by their need for recognition, but unable to stand up to the big bulb and cry fowl!  Courage is the willingness to expose one’s vulnerability to the outside, and dance your ephemeral being into existence.  Take you military allegiance to the General and die in the shade of your lazy arborescent hierarchies.  Fire at will?  Hardly.  Such stagnant formations have no place, they are homeless in their isolation.  But on the periphery of the pack, climax is deferred indefinitely, and everybody’s carrying.  This is Music from the Moon, the pack and plateau of Radio glory. It’s your pleasure!

Join the Holy Trinity of Radio, Harvey Carlisle, Ned Fillmore and Clancy Rocket today at 2 p.m. c.s.t on 101.5 UMFM or UMFM.com!

Spread like Disease!


In the mouth of God there is no room for muscle, but in the belly of the beast the rumblings of rumour are diagnosed under some umbrella term for mis-function! What are the consequences of such ridiculous aggregates?  What is Irritable Bowel Syndrome?  It is a science of reckoning on the difficulties presented to the Sun’s illegitimate bright eyed seers by a more potent and creative assemblage of bacterial communities!  Isn’t this wonderful conglomerate of unknowing a perfect, although at times unfortunate, example of the congregation that is all of you and Music from the Moon?

Moonions!  Isn’t it obvious that another Wednesday is upon us?  Are you not experiencing the symptoms of revelry and creation?  Does your very being not in fact feel more deliberate and viable?  Welcome Moonshiners to the avant-garde pulp of your favorite radio show!  Welcome again into the sweet embrace of the Holy Trinity of Radio!

Your hosts, Harvey Carlisle, Ned Fillmore and Clancy Rocket come again to radioland to endorse your peculiar desire for something unsettling and beautiful.

Tune in on 101.5 UMFM or UMFM.com from 2-3:30 p.m. c.s.t.!

Our body is unruly!


The Holy Trinity of Radio is resurrected after the unfortunate corruption of their collective will and four part testimony to each other!  Glory, thy name is Radio! Such frequencies gravitate like satellites around the dehiscence at the heart of our being!  Moonions!  Will you simply lay around shapeless and feign that in the first instance you are content?  Overtake your position and bask in the gospel of constraint!  Media, thy king is Radio!  Between the possible and the real there is the really possible, a redemptive occupation and finite reproduction of the infinitely different.  This, my cluster-flock of beings, is Music from the Moon!

The moon would like to apologize for last week’s lack of media frenzy.  Moon Minions #34-82 were on strike in solidarity with Clancy Rocket who was forcibly confined by Harvey Carlisle.  A collective agreement has been reached, and the Rocket returns to the airwaves today, dragging with him a special guest.  Music from the Moon would like to assure its followers that the Holy Trinity of Radio are not in any danger of disbanding.  In fact, their little spats are merely the consequence of a love and respect for each other, that’s force is still recognizable in these productive moments of crowned anarchy.

Moonshiners!  Join your radio legends on 101.5 UMFM, or UMFM.com at 2 p.m. c.s.t!  And long live Radio!

Legal Note: Music from the Moon is a corporate entity that has no affiliates or subsidiaries or parent company.  It is currently in a state of unlawful existence and is entirely for the profit of everyone who shares in its glory.  None of its content may be used in any form without the written consent of Music from the Moon in blood.



Even the seven portents of your weekly drudgery know not to look their reign in the kisser: happy are those whose spoons are long enough to eat with the devil!  For they know that such deliberate helpings of misery cannot teach grandma to suck eggs. Because, on the fourth day the Moon also rises.

Moonions!  Your team of moon minions here at the Moon have updated this wonderful blog for your full time pleasure.  You now have endless access to our track lists, Harvey’s rants, Ned’s poems and Clancy’s prescient lists.

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